Facts Everyone Should Know About Episode – Choose Your Story


Facts Everyone Should Know About Episode – Choose Your Story

Are you a die-hard fan of Episode – Choose Your Story? Well, this is an attention-grabbing game which includes lots of elements and fantastic features. The game is simple to play but beginners should understand the gameplay first. They should know that the game offers lots of steps on which they have to make choices in order to alter the whole game. There are lots of things which players can change that are playable or nonplayable characters, looks of the characters and much more. You may know the fact that players can’t change the theme or music of the game because only depends on the type choice that you have made in the game. With the help of this platform, you can also give a shape to your imaginations in the form of stories and also share it with the other players in order to get instant feedback.

What’s interesting?

If you are new to this game then you may don’t know about the different aspects of the game. You can check out some interesting facts about the game which are given below:

·         There are more than thousands of games present that all are based on the different genres such as romance, comedy, mystery and much more. Players also have an option to choose the one as according to their desire.

·         Players can alter the whole gameplay and also the course of the game after making their decision regarding the different choices present in the game.

·         The players can download the game without paying a single penny but they have to invest money for the in-game features and also for in-game purchases.

·         There is a create feature present that allows the players to develop stories as according to their choices. They should understand this procedure in order to get success in developing a good story.

·         Players also have an option to share the stories with other players after creating them in order to get the instant feedback. They can also open the stories of other players to play.

·         Players also have an option to customize their own characters by choosing the right color type, outfit, skin tone and much more.

·         Gems are the premium currency of this game that can be acquired by the players on daily basis and they should also use them wisely to make progress.

·         Passes are the premium currency that can be used by the players for various purposes in the game and they can also acquire passes for free after few hours. How to enter cheat codes in episode?

·         Players also need to unlock the different episodes of the stories for which they have to spend in-game resources which are really essential in the game.

In addition, there are many other features present in the game that players should know first before going to play the game. with the help of this, they can enjoy the game and also have unlimited fun and enjoyment.

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